Warranty Introduction

  • Warranty support

    Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We visit customers regularly during the warranty period whether there is a problem or not.

    A dedicated warranty engineer is assigned to each customer. In this way, customers are assured that they can rely on Damen for everything they need, or want to know. The right procedures, people and skills are in place to make sure that any problem that may arise will quickly be solved.

    Damen has delivered numerous standardised vessels over a number of years. As a result, we know our vessels inside out. In addition, customer feedback and our detailed up-to-date warranty database enable us to make an immediate root cause analysis in case customers need support.

  • Warranty process

    Phase 1: Introduction of warranty process
    Before hand over of the new vessel, the warranty process will be introduced. This introduction document explains the warranty process, and contains the contact details of your dedicated warranty engineer. You will also receive your personal account information for the Damen Services Portal.

    Phase 2: First warranty visit during arrival of vessel
    During arrival of the new built vessel, a Damen Field Service Engineer will be present. He will inspect the vessel to assist in the initial start-up. The Field Service Engineer is also available to answer all questions.

    Phase 3: Handling of warranty calls
    If there are questions or issues, Damen Services is there for you. You can contact your dedicated warranty engineer, or easily submit warranty calls through our Services Portal. Even if you don’t encounter any issues, Damen Services will contact you regularly to see if we can be of any service.

    Phase 4: End of warranty visit
    A few months before the warranty period ends, Damen Services will visit your site and discuss the current status of the warranty calls. Upcoming calls can be discussed, so that these can be solved as soon as possible.

    A Field Service Engineer is available during this visit to answer questions, fix small problems, and inspect the vessel.

    Phase 5: End of warranty letter & Warranty close out report
    At the end of the warranty period, customers receive an End of Warranty Letter. This is a written statement that the warranty period of the new built vessel has ended. The accompanying Warranty Close Out report gives an overview of the warranty period. The open and closed calls are summed up, together with the actions that Damen will undertake to close the remaining calls.

Warranty call handling

If you encounter a problem with your new-built vessel, we want to solve this quickly and correctly. To make sure that we are able to do so, we need you to present all available information by submitting a warranty call.

Submitting warranty calls can be done:

  • Through the Services Portal
  • By submitting a Warranty Request Form


Warranty request form

If you prefer, you can submit warranty calls using our Warranty Request Form template. If the form is filled out correctly, your dedicated warranty engineer is able to immediately handle your call and determine the required actions.

Some guidelines for filling in the form:

  • Use one Warranty Request Form per problem
  • Fill in the direct customer contact details
  • Give a clear description of the problem and the actions already taken
  • Provide clear digital photos (if applicable)

Your warranty engineer will keep you informed about the status of the warranty call.

Services portal

During the introduction of the warranty process you will receive your account information to access the Damen Services Portal. Here you can find easy-to-use forms for submitting warranty calls and up-to-date information on the latest status of warranty calls.

Defect parts

Defect parts have to be kept in your warehouse (or on board) until further notice from Damen Services.

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