Damen Services

Your worldwide technical assistance partner
Are you looking for a 24/7 worldwide technical assistance partner? With more than 40 years of experience and a successful maintenance, repair, conversion and technical support project portfolio, Damen Services has the right expertise to solve your technical challenges and extend the life cycle of your vessel.

Are you challenged with…

  • Extending the life cycle of your vessel and maintaining an optimal working condition?
  • Increasing availability and reducing lifecycle costs?
  • Maintaining, repairing or converting your vessel?
  • Finding professional, experienced docking support?

And looking for…
  • A reliable partner?
  • Commitment?
  • Financial support?
  • Fast problem solving?
  • Proven Expertise?
  • We provide you with...

    24/7 Worldwide support and services network; service hubs, OEM representatives and ship repair yards. Our highly skilled maritime engineers and technical managers can assist you anytime and anywhere;

    All knowledge in-house. You have one point of contact. We have our own pool consisting of a variety of maritime experts and specialists;

    Deal is a deal. We analyze the problem, make an offer and solve the issue. We come to you with our expertise and necessary means, so no resources will be wasted. We offer a high quality standard of services against a good agreed price. No surprises!

    Favorable financing arrangements. Our financing options are available to all customers – whether it’s a private company or a state-run organization such as a Coastguard or a Port Authority;

    Broad range of services, such as technical inspections, diagnosis, problem solving, preventive and corrective maintenance;

    Managed docking support;

    Transfer of knowledge. Our project team adds value by training local employees on the job.

    Our technical assistance includes a broad range of services which lead to optimal vessel availability, reliability, safety and costs:

  • Maintenance: keep it in optimal condition!

    Maintenance is a set of activities to maintain the vessel and its equipment in an optimal and safe condition, which prevents downtime, reduces costs and extends the life cycle. Our team implements:

    • Ship maintenance

    • Overhauls

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  • Repair: bringing it back to prime condition

    Repair focuses on a number of activities to restore the vessel to a safe and optimal condition, so it can efficiently perform its functions. Our team conducts:

    • Inspections

    • Repairs

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  • Conversion: modifying as desired

    Conversion brings together a number of actions to allow the vessel and its equipment to optimally perform its new function or requirements. We implement:

    • Extensions

    • Optimization

    • Regulations

    • Updates

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  • Technical support: 24/7 at your side

    Technical support is a set of services conducted to assist ship owners in reducing costs during complex technical matters. Our team is always ready to give you:

    • Docking Support

    • On-site Support

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  • Customer service agreement: maximize uptime potential at lower costs

    The customer service agreement is a combination of several service products based upon the Damen Maintenance and Service Philosophy which is tailored to the customer’s demands. The customer service agreement can contain the following modules:

    • Maintenance Management Solutions

    • Periodic Surveys

    • Maintenance Execution

    • Class & Docking Assistance

    • Spare Parts

    • Transfer of knowledge

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