Efficient organisation helps you act faster

Know what you have, find what you need and keep everything up to date.

  • Find the right parts

    Parts search based on your vessel configuration ensures you always buy the right item.
  • Documents

    All your manuals, certificates, drawings and more, well-organised and readily available.
  • Warranty service

    Submit and view real-time status of warranty requests online.

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Your vessels’ lifelong information management partner

  • Everything you need to know about your vessels, in one place.

    If you own Damen-made vessels and their configurations are stored in the Damen Services Portal, you have 24/7 access to everything there is to know about their parts and components. This includes all technical information such as drawings, certificates and manuals, so you never have trouble finding the information you need, when you need it.

  • Efficient handling of warranty claims.

    For Damen vessels that are still covered by warranty, the Damen Services Portal provides an efficient, convenient way to submit claims and track their status. Simply complete the online form and our warranty engineers will get to work on solving your problem. Your claim submission and all subsequent actions are then recorded in the Damen Services Portal, so you can check on progress at any time.

  • Supporting every type of vessel, of every age.

    Configuration of any vessels manufactured by Damen can be stored in the Damen Services Portal. If Damen does not already have a record of your vessel’s configuration information, this can be arranged. Contact us for a quote. Once the configuration is stored in the portal, updates can easily be made by submitting the online form. History of all updates made via the Portal remains available for you to view.

    Whether you purchased your Damen vessel directly from us or acquired it through a third party, our Fleet Support services can bring unrivalled convenience to managing your information.

  • Always the correct replacement parts.

    When your vessel’s configuration is stored in the Damen Services Portal, your parts inventory includes serial numbers for every part and component. With this information you can accurately identify suitable spares and replacements in the Parts Store and ensure you always purchase the correct parts for your specific vessel.

    Your inventory can easily be updated to show the new items you’ve purchased and their association with what they have replaced, giving you an ongoing record of parts replacement history.

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