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With one system for storing and sharing everything there is to know about your vessel and its parts, you can plan, purchase and carry out maintenance more efficiently.

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Useful solutions for maritime professionals

  • For Superintendents

    When you’ve got a million and one things to keep track of, having access to reliable information and spare parts when you need them is paramount.

    If you operate Damen vessels which make use of our Fleet Support services, the Damen Services Portal can host configuration plans and comprehensive inventories of parts and components, complete with serial numbers and all associated documentation. This gives you easy, well-organised access to all the information you need for maintenance, repairs and for ordering spares and replacements.

    Whether or not your vessels were built by Damen, spare and replacement parts can easily be purchased via the Damen Parts Store, which offers the most reliable delivery possible.

    We also offer a broad range of training programs including familiarisation courses for various types of vessels.


  • For Captains and Chief Engineers

    No matter how thoroughly you are prepared, keeping everything running smoothly and on time usually calls for a lot of day-to-day troubleshooting. Having access to all the right parts, knowledge and skills at the moment you need them is essential.

    The Damen Services Portal helps you to be prepared for every eventuality by making it easier to keep track of all part-related information.

    We also offer a broad range of training programs including nautical, technical, manufacturer and safety & environment courses.


  • For Parts Purchasers

    With an increasing number of suppliers to choose between, identifying those who best fulfil your needs can be a time-consuming business.

    The Damen Services Portal takes the workload out of making purchasing decisions, tracking orders and handling administration by combining a global Parts Store with Fleet Support services that give convenient access to information concerning the parts onboard your vessels.

    Because our supply network is so extensive, we can almost always find the right parts for you, even if not listed in the Store. Plus we are able to offer competitive prices.

    By helping you purchase, manage administration and share documentation more efficiently, the Damen Services Portal is the day-to-day utility that you and your colleagues will soon wonder how you ever managed without!


  • For Maintenance Managers

    The better you can stay in control, the more efficiently you can manage your vessels and their budgets.

    If you operate Damen vessels which are subscribed to our Fleet Support services, The Damen Services Portal helps you manage every type of maintenance more efficiently by storing an inventory of your vessels’ configuration and parts. This makes it easier to identify what you have and what you need in terms of spares and replacements. Whether your maintenance strategy is aimed at maximising availability, reliability, profits or performance, the Damen Services Portal helps you plan ahead and obtain the correct parts at good prices, which can go a long way to reducing costly downtime.

    We also offer a broad range of training programs for improving skills and knowledge, including fundamental, OLM and ILM maintenance courses.


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