Technical support

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    You cannot escape the fact that every now and again, your vessel has to be taken out of service for maintenance or repairs. The better this work is organised, the shorter the downtime. And the more your crew can do themselves, the lower the costs to you. We offer two possibilities for providing you with as much help as possible to do this.

    (Dry) dock support
    Your vessel will be in the dock for as short a time as possible. We carry out the work efficiently, quickly and thoroughly, according to requirements, and we keep a close eye on your budget. Our dock support involves four steps:
    1. Before your ship is taken out of service, we inspect it and, with you, we draw up an action plan.
    2. We advise you on the parts that need to be replaced and arrange for their delivery.
    3. Our engineers coordinate and supervise maintenance.
    4. We provide progress reports to keep you up to date.

    On-site support
    The better your crew members know your vessel and understand how its engines and equipment work, the better they can fix defects and carry out routine maintenance. This will save you time and money. Our engineers are happy to share their knowledge with your crew. We agree in advance how long on-board support lasts and, during that time, we show your crew the tricks of the trade for routine maintenance, minor repairs and planning. Your crew will also learn to detect and resolve problems and to manage your stock. Once our engineers go on board, your crew becomes considerably more self-sufficient.

    For any questions about technical support, please contact us.

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