• Unexpectedly out of service?

    Technical failures, unforeseen repairs, damage: these are all things that can unintentionally cause your vessel to be out of service. Preventive maintenance allows us to be one step ahead of unplanned repairs but, if something does go wrong, we do everything we can for your vessel to sail again as quickly as possible.

    Problem, cause and consequence
    Our engineers repair your vessel so that it can keep sailing for a long time to come. We use analyses and inspections to look for the cause of the fault or error and we tackle it at source.

    The right solution
    After analysis and inspection, we consult with you to draw up an action plan. Whether your vessel needs minor or major repairs, refits or an extension of its technical life, we always look for the right solution, with you.

    Repair in practice
    At a local shipyard, we extended the life of a patrol boat for the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. Our specialists dismantled most of the systems and components. During the overhaul, the vessel was in dry dock for repair and maintenance on the hull. Then, we replaced the overhauled or new components and we recommissioned the systems.

    For repair, advice or prices, please contact us.

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Service throughout your vessel’s lifecycle