Damen Maintenance Plan

  • What is the DAMAP (Damen Maintenance Plan)?

    Damen’s Maintenance Planning (DAMAP) is a non-computerized maintenance management system, which is specially developed for users who want to have full control over their maintenance planning without the use and hassle of a computer.

    DAMAP is delivered as a complete package which allows you to plan the work over time, have all the required information for preventive maintenance at hand and perform the daily routine checks and consists of:

    - Whiteboard printed with the preventive maintenance schedule
    - Binder with job cards with detailed information for each job
    - Daily round book

    The complete schedule of the preventive maintenance tasks is printed on a planning board. This will be delivered as a sturdy whiteboard which can be mounted in an office location or even on board of the vessel. The size of this planning board matches approximately an A0 piece of paper. Each maintenance tasks refer to a job card.

    Job cards contain all information required to perform preventive maintenance on the vessel (detailed job instruction, parts required, personnel required, …). These cards are delivered on high quality paper which is very durable and hard to tear. All job cards are logically ordered. Together with these job cards, the relevant drawings are delivered. Daily tasks are grouped in a daily round book.

    Daily round books are determined for your vessel as an effective way to inspect the vessels status. These daily round books are custom built depending on the vessel type and utilization. This daily round books can furthermore assist you in tracking (performance) changes in the equipment on board.

  • Hoe does it work? (For example, the costumer comes to Damen and says that he wants help with the maintenance…). What are the steps?

    A team of technical writers and engineers uses maintenance manuals and their own skills and knowledge and convert this into a maintenance plan specifically for the customer’s vessel. The operational profile and other parameters are taken into account. The maintenance plan covers all systems on board of the vessel, not only the ones which have a manual included. Damen contacts suppliers if tasks or the parts described in the manual lack information.

    This maintenance plan can be converted to a Computerized maintenance management system or a DAMAP. Both hold the exact same information.

    When the ship is delivered the maintenance plan is delivered. A DAMAP engineer will train the customer in the use of a DAMAP at their own vessel.

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