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  • Daily performance

    Does your crew know which systems they have to maintain every day? Are the required spare parts on board and where are they? Does the sailing schedule take into account maintenance that requires taking your vessel out of service? These are all questions that you face on a daily basis. A Damen maintenance agreement explains everything you need to know about maintenance.

    This is how it works
    Every customer has his own goal in mind, so your maintenance agreement is tailored to your needs. In a maintenance management system, such as DAMAP or MX Suite, we describe in detail what has to be inspected, readjusted or replaced, as well as when and how to do it. Not forgetting the maintenance that can be carried out by crew members themselves and the tasks that need a visit from our specialist engineers. Whenever possible, our engineers transfer their knowledge to your crew so that crew members can carry out more and more maintenance themselves. We arrange all the tasks clearly into a logical working order, complete with work instructions and technical drawings.

    Modular agreement
    Depending on your requirements and the tasks and deployment of your vessel, in addition to a maintenance management system, your maintenance agreement includes arrangements for:
    • Transfer of knowledge
    • Technical inspections
    • Maintenance by our engineers and your crew
    • Required parts and components
    • Planned dock activities
    • Planned overhauls

    If you are interested in a maintenance agreement, please contact us.

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