• New function or requirements?

    Conversion brings together a number of actions to allow the vessel and its equipment to optimally perform its new function or requirements. We implement:
    Different function requirements or legislation are just some examples of situations that can mean that your vessel is no longer fit for purpose. Conversion is the solution in almost all cases. Conversion means that we increase your vessel's capabilities while, at the same time, extending its life. It goes without saying that we always take into account IMO, classification bureau and flag state.

    Conversion specialists
    Damen Shipyards Group is an expert when it comes to conversions and modifications to all possible boat types. Our specialist project teams are trained to design, supervise and implement your conversion. Depending on the shipyard you choose and the nature of the work, we work with or without local parties. After conversion, your vessel is fully ready again for its new tasks.

    Almost anything is possible
    Our specialists can carry out virtually any conversion for you. To give you some idea of what we can do for you, here's a brief overview:

    - Installing a deck crane that meets new function requirements;
    - Installing a towing winch that meets new function requirements;
    - Installing a FIFI system;
    - Replacing a PVC bilge system with CuNiFer to comply with updated shipping legislation;
    - Refitting accommodation to house extra crew;
    - Fitting a new engine into a pusher;

    For any questions about conversion, please contact us.

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